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Going & Growing Local

A simple trip to your local produce stand should never seem insignificant — it can have a tangible impact on our local economy, your family’s health, and our planet. At Foley’s Produce we provide our customers with a superior alternative to grocery store produce from the months of April through October.
At our stand, you’ll also find locally made products from Penny’s Salsa, Seattle Bagel Bakery, Rad Roasting Company, and more. We take pride in the quality of products we offer to our customers, sourcing as many items as possible from local farms and vendors.
We love local-minded consumerism and make it a point to emphasize old-fashioned, neighborly service to our diverse customer base. Call us today!

Locally Sourced Freshness

Our fresh-from-the-farm produce is grown with the highest standards. Often, our produce is even available for sale the day it is harvested. Meaning, you’re guaranteed to find the juiciest fruit, crunchiest vegetables, and prettiest plants in the area.

Customers travel from all over Washington State to take part in a refreshing shopping experience at Foley’s Produce.

On-Hand at Our Stand

Folks don’t travel to Foley’s from across the State just for fruits, vegetables, and plants. We also offer a fine assortment of locally made products that our community can’t get enough of!

Foley's Produce LLC, Maple Vally, WA, penny's salsa
Foley's Produce LLC, Maple Vally, WA, Seattle Bagel Bakery
Seattle Bagel Bakery, Smith Brothers Farms
Foley's Produce LLC, Maple Vally, WA | Rad roasting company
Seattle Bagel Bakery, Smith Brothers Farms, bees in the burbs
Foley's Produce LLC, Maple Vally, WA

Foley’s Own Products

Freshly baked cobbler, jam, sweet bread, and more, so good you’ll swear it was cooked by mom — because it was!

Maple Valley, WA | Foley's Produce | Bee's in the burbs

Blooming Good Honey

Sean Foley’s grandfather’s famous homemade honey.

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Business Hours

Open 7 Days a Week! 

10:00 am to 8:00 pm


October — March